Bellinger Systems has multiple accreditations and registrations from nationally and internationally recognised organisations including:

AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015
DISP – Defence Industry Security Program

Repair/ Overhaul

As examples of our expertise and experience, a non-definitive list of our previous equipment overhauled or repaired follows:

  • UHF Multicouplers including RF Products 800525 multicouplers. Bellinger is the sole Australian support agents for RF Products.
  • Satellite Navigation Systems. Sensors including: Vibration, Temperature, Pressure, Icing, Water flow, Airflow, Humidity, Rotational Speed, Infrared and Light.
  • Ship Logs including: FFG & DDG Log Probes, Submarine Log Probes.
  • MK6 Log and EM Logs and repeaters.
  • Sonar Systems and modules including: Mulloka, AN/SQS56, AN/UQN4.
  • AN/BQG and Side Scan Sonar.
  • Submarine fitted equipment eg. Inverters, Sonars, Displays, Valves, Actuators, Servos, EM Logs & probes.
  • Synchros including: CT, CDX, TX, TDX, TR, Resolvers and Repeaters.
  • Tacan including: Test Sets and Simulators, ILS and VOR.
  • Test Equipment
  • Torpedo Countermeasures including: 182 Towed Decoy & AN/SLQ25.
  • TV Cameras and Monitors including: Director Aim and Gun Barrel Cameras.
  • UPS systems including Clary Mil spec units.
  • Valves and regulators including: Air, Hydraulic, Water, Fuel; Manual and Solenoid operated.
  • Water Pressure Testing to 700 psi for external to hull Submarine equipment.
  • Waveguide repair including: all bands and Rotating Joints.
  • Weather faxes
  • Wind speed and direction equipment.




AC Voltage Supply Capability

10µV – 1mV 40Hz – 10KHz 1mV – 19.9999V 50Hz – 20KHz
20V – 110V 50Hz – 20 kHz 110V – 1100V 50Hz – 1 kHz
110mV – 1100V 50Hz – 1KHz 300µV – 3V 10Hz – 100MHz

AC Voltage Measurement Capability:

1mV – 500mV 10Hz – 1MHz 250mV – 10V 5Hz – 10MHz
10V – 50V 5Hz – 100KHz 50V – 1000V 5Hz – 100KHz
0.2V – 3V 100KHz – 100MHz 1KV – 20KV 50Hz – 5KHz

DC Voltage Supply Capability

1 Microvolt to 1100 Volt D.C.
0 to 40kV

DC Voltage Measurement Capability

1µV to 40kV


AC Current Supply Capability

10µA – 19.999A 50Hz – 5KHz 20A – 10,000A 40Hz – 500Hz

AC Current Measurement Capability

10µA – 19.999A 10Hz – 10KHz 20A – 1,000A 40Hz – 400Hz
1000A – 10,000A @ 50Hz – 60Hz

DC Current Supply Capability

1 µA to 1,000A

DC Current Measurement Capability

1 µA to 1,000A


Supply and Measure Capability:

10µO – 10,000,000MO
Insulation Testing up to 16 kV
Breakdown testing up to 55 kV

CAPACITANCESupply Capability:

10pF – 11µF

Measure Capability:

10pF – 10,000µF

INDUCTANCESupply Capability:

100µH – 1.0H

Measure Capability:

10µH -100H

FREQUENCYSupply and Measure Capability:

Up to 40 GHz in: Coax,BNC,N,TNC,APC-3.5/SMA, K, 2.4mm, C, HN and waveguide (G,J,H,X,P,K bands)

TIMESupply and Measure Capability:

20ns to 20,000s


Power Capability:

Up to 200 Watts 10 kHz to 1000 MHz Up to 1100 Watts 2 MHz to 30 MHz
Up to 1 Watt 1 GHz to 20 GHz Up to 0.5 Watts 20 GHz to 26 GHz
Up to 100mW @ 26 GHz to 50 GHz

Power Measure Capability:

Up to 2.5KW 1MHz to 40MHz Up to 1KW 40MHz to 1GHz
Up to 50W 1GHz to 18GHz -70dBm to + 20dBm 1GHz to 50GHz


0 to 110 dB DC to 26.5 GHz in 0.005 dB steps 0 to 70 dB 26.5 GHz to 40 GHz.

VSWR Measurement:

Up to 40Ghz

Phase Measurement:<

20Hz to 1GHz


2 Part in 1012 Per Day

Output Characteristics:

1 µV to 1 V 20KHz to 100MHz 20 mV to 3 V 1 MHz to 100MHz
10 pW to 100 mW @ 100KHz to 40 GHz

Modulation Characteristics:

PULSE: 100 kHz to 40 GHz
AM: 100 kHz to 40 GHz
FM: 150 kHz to 40 GHz
PHASE MOD: 150 kHz to 40 GHz

Spectral Purity:

SSB Phase Noise: Down to -170 dBc/Hz @ 1 MHz to 40 GHz
Distortion: 20KHz to 40 GHz


Level Measurement Capability:

300 µV to 100 V rms
-92 dB to +42 dB @ 10Hz to 150 kHz

WOW and Flutter Measurement:

0.03% to 10% FSD @ 3150Hz and 3000Hz
Input level range: 50mV to 5Vrms

Distortion Measurement:

0.03 to 100 % at 20 Hz to 30 kHz

Power Measurement:

1nW to 1kW at 10Hz to 150kHz

Phase Measurement:

±180 degrees


-92 dB to +42 dB


Low and High Pressure:

0.2Pa abs to 70,000KPa
Up to 700 BAR
Up to 10150 PSI


Thermometry Measure Capability:

-70°C to 200°C


Measurement capability:

Continuous Acceleration: 0.1 ms-2 to 10 kms-2 (0.01 to 1000g)
Frequency Range: 0.5 Hz to 10 kHz

Vibration excitation capability:
Force: 112N (25 lbf) sine peak
Frequency Range: 5Hz to 10kHz
Max Acceleration: 700 ms-2 (71 g)


Oil dielectric breakdown Voltage: Up to 1000 kV eff
Design and Manufacture

Bellinger has the capabilities to design and manufacture both complete systems and system components. Our capabilities primarily cover the fields of Command, Control, Communications and Computing.
Recent projects have involved the design and integration of Wide Area Differential GPS systems and interfacing for the naval survey vessels and Mine hunters. Bellinger have also designed, installed and tested a Link 16 system on-board HMAS ANZAC and a development system in the SAAB test site in Adelaide. These systems not only give LINK16 Situational awareness, but allow for Link16 tracks to be forwarded to the Link 11 net and interface with the ship’s C2 system.

A specialised information storage system has also been developed allowing not only time, but also GPS position, receiver configuration, user data, and other serial or Ethernet data to be stored on the voice tracks of a wideband tape or digital media recorder. This allows unprecedented evaluation capability for post mission analysis.

Design and manufacture are completed In-house including PCB design, AutoCAD work and prototyping.