Bellinger goes far beyond repair and overhaul of the defence force’s existing systems and equipment. Bellingers has distributor and service level agreements with a range of global defence related companies. Bellingers can also work with customers to design, develop, test, commision and maintain systems and equipment. Please contact us if you have any questions on our products or if you wish to discuss how Bellinger Systems can work with you to achieve your goals.

Bellinger Distributed

Belinger Instruments are Australian agents, offering supply and support for the following company’s and their products:

Bellinger - Product 5
Bellinger Instruments can supply the full range of Clary UPS systems. The Clary CMN2400D-PD pictured was recently supplied to RANTEWSS.


Bellinger is the Australian support agent for RF Products, INC.


Germane Systems designs, tests and manufactures COTS-based rugged high performance computers, servers, and storage systems for mission-critical military, aerospace, and industrial applications.

Bellinger - DSR
Bellinger Instruments is Australian support agent for DRS products.

Bellinger - Maser

Bellinger is also affiliated with Maser Australia providing in-country support of their range of communication and personal soldier equipment.

Bellinger Designed

Bellinger Instruments has a proven track record of developing solutions tailored to customer’s needs or wish lists. Bellinger’s currently have numerous products in daily service with the Australian Navy that we have designed, developed, tested, installed and will support as long as the customer needs this product. The products shown here are a small sample of Bellinger designed and built products currently in service with the Royal Australian Navy:

Bellinger - Products 1
Naval Hydrographic are Ships Wide Area GPS Serial Data Converters and Splitter Boxes designed and built by Bellingers. As part of a Hydrographic Ship upgrade Bellinger Instruments had to reverse engineer the data strings of a GPS that outputted a proprietary data format similar but different to the current American NMEA 0183 Standard”. Bellinger’s designed, constructed and commissioned a microcontroller based Data Converter Box that converted the NMEA standard data strings from the new DGPS into the proprietary format in real time. The result was that the new Differential GPS worked correctly with both the new equipment AND the legacy systems on board that required the proprietary data fed from our Data Converter Box.
Bellinger - Products
The Bellinger Instruments P/L TPD-100 e Time/Position/Data Encoder-Decoder was conceived, designed and developed entirely from a defence customers wish list which we then grew into a product. The TPD-100e is a stand-alone device that connects to the NMEA output of a GPS Receiver. Using standard GGA,VTG & ZDA data strings from the GPS receiver the TPD-100e formats selected information as well as front panel settings from an ELINT Surveillance Receiver and processes it for recording/playback on an Auxiliary Voice/Audio track of any Wideband Tape Recorder. This product allowed the whole theatre of operation to be captured with an ELINT intercept.
Bellinger - Products
Following the successful introduction into service of the TPD-100e the TPD-110, ETHERNET INTERFACED version was requested, designed, developed, manufactured and deployed. The features first bought into service with these units have now become mandatory features of other equipment introduced into this section of the Navy.
Bellinger - Products 3
In December 2004, Bellinger Instruments commissioned a LINK 16 simulation and test system for use in integration with ANZAC Class Frigates. This was a land based system and consisted of two LINK 16 systems that could simulate a LINK 16 net. The hardware was designed and manufactured by Bellinger Instruments using a VIASAT MIDS unit. The LINK 16 software that operates the system was supplied by TCG in Boston USA. In March 2005, a LINK 16 system of Bellinger design was installed on HMAS ANZAC as a trial fit. This allowed ANZAC to participate in RIMPAC exercises with allies that use LINK 16.
Bellinger - Products 4
Bellinger Instruments still retain their old world skills too. The square meter on the left is from the engine room of HMAS SUCCESS. After years of trying to source a replacement meter the Navy tasked Bellinger Instruments to provide a solution. The worn out electromechanical type Tachometer was replaced by a custom built electronic control box and and a ruggedised Moving Coil meter. A special scale was marked by Bellingers on the dial face to cater to the ships crew’s express needs.